Dr. Illy is one of the 6%

Only 6% of the entire physical therapist population in the U.S. are board-certified orthopaedic clinical specialists (OCS). Dr. Illy is one of the 6% and has advanced knowledge of orthopaedic injuries, rehabilitation, and treatment.

As of 2019, there were 312,716 licensed physical therapists. The number of physical therapists who have OCS is 18,757.

 - APTA Physical Therapy Workforce Analysis

 - ABPTS Certified-Specialists Statistics

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Advanced Hands-On Therapy

University St. Augustine of Health Sciences (KUHS), where Dr. Illy earned his doctoral degree in physical therapy, was established by Dr. Paris who perfected Paris Approach Manual Therapy. Dr. Illy is certified in manual therapy (MTC) by KUHS and utilizes his hands-on techniques such as joint mobilization, thrust technique, and myofascial release to restore joint mobility, pain modulation, etc.

In addition, to give back to the physical therapy community, Dr. Illy travels back to Japan to help many therapists to learn manual therapy by hosting seminars in Japan, Osaka every year.


Unique Treatment Skills

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is one of the common vestibular impairments to which physical therapy responds very well, and it can be cured immediately by specific repositioning techniques. Dr. Illy has treated many BPPV​ and provided vestibular balance therapy.


Applying his Athletic Training experience at UCSD and vestibular physical therapy knowledge, he has assisted many athletes to recover from concussions. He understands that post-concussion symptoms are associated with not only vestibular issues but also multiple factors such as visual dysfunction, cervical impairments, neuroinflammation, nutrition, physiological overlap, hormonal dysregulation, and lifestyle changes.  

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Value Patient Education

We believe that the speed of recovery dramatically improves when patients understand what injury they have, why they have it, how they can fix it, and how they can prevent it as much as possible by themselves.

Dr. Illy breaks down and describes the root cause of your pain, reviews your treatment/exercise plan, sets up your goals, and assists you to prevent future injuries by improving your physical function and athletic performance.


Committed 1-on-1 Sessions

Unlike many other PT clinics where hire aides who support your exercises but cannot assess your movements, our PT session is always 1-on-1 treatment with a doctor of physical therapist to constantly assess your specific motions. With our profound knowledge regarding movements, we provide you comprehensive, individualized physical education with the assessment.

Heavy Lifting

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Not only has a physical therapist license, but Dr. Illy is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by NSCA. This demonstrates extensive and thorough knowledge about strengthening & conditioning training for athletes who compete and the nutrition required for your specific sports/activities in order to help create an individualized workout plan.

Dr. Illy by himself exercises at the gym on a regular basis, trains martial arts (Muay Thai and BJJ), enjoys other sports (especially, baseball and tennis), and applies his knowledge to his personal exercise plan every day.

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For Future Generations

Every year, hundreds of students of physical therapy, acupuncture, athletic training, Judo therapy, and personal training visit Combat Athletes Physical Therapy from Japan. We believe that passing down knowledge to the next generations is extremely crucial to help more people indirectly, advocate our profession, and improve people's quality of life