Compared with placing the band around the ankles, placing the band around the feet for resisted side stepping elicited more activity in the gluteal muscles without increasing TFL activity.

In short, you can exclusively strengthen your outside hip (hip abductor) by putting the elastic band at your feet and perform side steps!

The hip abductor is crucial to maintain single leg stance balance‼ If you are a Muay Thai fighter like me, you know balance is one of the most important part to improve your performance.

Definitely give this exercise a shot! BUT, our body doesn’t function by only contracting hip abductor. We should make sure perform functional exercises to educate your body how and when you use the hip abductor after activating with this exercise! Even though this elastic band position is supported by thorough research, you might not feel the burning sensation at your hip.

Why? Your form can be the reason!

Make sure your toes and knees are facing forward. You end up activating different muscle such as quadriceps by doing this side step with elastic band exercise with your toes pointing outwards!

Still don’t feel much?

We are physical therapists, movement specialists! We analyze how you move and modify your exercises so that you can effectively strengthen the muscle. AND, with our functional exercises, you can strengthen the targeting muscle in the movement/athletic performance you want to improve‼

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