Treatment Flow


We evaluate your physical functions to find out the root cause of the pain and analyze how you move.


We break down and describe the cause of your pain, review your treatment/exercise plan, and set up your goals.


We start physical therapy such as hands-on treatment and functional exercises based on your goals and impairments that you have.

Types Of Treatment Options

Our Physical Therapy Services Include But Aren’t Limited to the Following

Manual Therapy

Your physical therapist utilizes manual therapy includes joint mobilization, joint thrust techniques, and myofascial release (ART, Shiatsu, trigger point release) to improve your joint mobility, increase pain free range of motion, restore muscle pliability, and decrease pain intensity.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

IASTM is a treatment utilized special metal sticks in various shapes to fit in your body parts. By applying IASTM on your affected area, we promote collagen synthesis & realignment, improve blood circulation, and remove excessive scar tissues.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a treatment applied suction cups on your body. This technique is used to improve myofascial-muscle relationship, and the “hickey” helps to promote lymphatic circulation and vascularization (blood flow) so that the affected muscles can improve their pliability. In addition, cupping therapy is one of the most effective methods to modulate pain intensity.

Functional Exercises

Your body does not move in isolated fashion and one contraction pattern. For example, chin-ups is an important exercise to increase strength of your back (latissimus dorsi muscle, aka lats); however, that’s not how you use your lats in your physical activity. Throwing a jab requires different contraction pattern of lats and core/lower limb coordination to maximize power. With our functional exercises, we improve your muscle strength in functional and practical fashion and assist you move better and faster.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Video Analysis

In addition to physical therapy evaluation, we utilize FMS and Video Analysis with Hudl Technique app. FMS is invented by Gray Cook to investigate dysfunctional or performance-limiting movement pattern. Hudl Technique video app is used to observe your FMS and athletic movements in slow motion for precise movement analysis.

Orthopedic/Sports Injury Rehabilitation

We help you recover from any musculoskeletal issues, sports-related injuries, and post-operation limitations such as pain, muscle weakness, and joint stiffness. The human body is designed to move. However, you might develop the most and least favorite muscles to use and create movement patterns (habits) through those physical limitations. Even daily activities, sports, works, and hobbies can potentially create habits to increase the risk of future injury. We dissect your specific physical impairments, assist you on the road to recovery, and prevent future injuries.

Concussion Recovery Rehabilitation

Martial artists have a high risk of injury from a strong impact. As a result, it is common for martial artists to be affected by concussions. The research shows that concussed patients who received concussion and vestibular rehabilitation (i.e., gaze stabilization exercise and head turn adaptation) at the proper timing recovered more effectively and sooner than other concussed individuals who only received conservative methods such as resting and cardio.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Balance impairment is composite impairment, meaning that there are multiple factors affecting the balance. Vestibular system (inner ear balance system) is one of the biggest roles of balance. With our vestibular rehabilitation, we can improve inner ear balance function for better physical stability.

We are committed to

Finding the root cause of your pain and alleviating the pain by analyzing and approaching multiple body parts.

Giving you a thorough education and restoring physical function by the best treatment methods for your specific needs.

Assisting you to prevent future injuries, return to an active lifestyle, and enhance athletic performance


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Schedule Evaluation
Find out PT diagnosis

Plan Treatment
Set up treatment frequency

Start Your Recovery
Get to Work for the PT goals!



$150 / visit

One-On-One with a Doctor of Physical Therapist
 Detailed Physical Evaluation
Comprehensive Posture/Movement Analysis
Customized Treatment & Functional Exercise Plan Based On Your Goals/Needs
Hands-On Treatment
Re-assessment and Adjustment of Your Treatment Plan

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$99 / visit

 One-On-One with a Doctor of Physical Therapist
 Physical Re-evaluation for Progress
 Posture/Movement Re-analysis
 Modification of Customized Treatment & Exercise Plan
 Hands-On Treatment
 Therapeutic & Functional Excercise
 Update Your Treatment Plan

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