Even though there is a normal walking form, there is NO normal running cycle! However, each type of running style has characteristics you should know! Martial artists need great cardiovascular fitness to fight through multiple rounds. How do you improve it? Very basic and simple, running‼ But, make sure how you should run based on your physical condition‼

Let’s dissect “running” real quick!

  1. There are mainly three types of running: rear-foot, mid-foot, and forefoot ground contact forms.

  1. When contacting the ground, forefoot runners experience great force at calf muscles. If you have something going on at your Achilles tendon, make sure you are cleared by your doctor for running. Most importantly, you should do physical therapy‼
  2. Rear-foot runners have higher vertical loading rates, meaning that you have high compressive force within your joints such as knee joint! So, for example, you don’t want to run with heel contact first if you have a meniscus tear!
  3. Mid-foot runners demonstrate greater ankle dorsiflexion than rear-foot runners…Meaning, that your toes are pointing up more! So, you want to make sure your ankle mobility (toes up to the ceiling) is good so that you can run as a mid-foot runner.

Well, this is what research paper says. BUT, your body and the subjects in this study function differently‼ What you need is a thorough movement analysis to find out how you move and how you should move in order to improve performance, decrease pain, and/or train properly.

Who can do such a comprehensive movement analysis? We can! We do precise evaluation, functional movement screening, and slow motion video analysis!

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