If you are a striking martial artist which involves kicks, have you ever felt knee pain? Through your intense training, your quadriceps-hip strength balance can be changed and can cause pain.

Strengthening both glutes (for knee control) and quads (patella control) is a major key for correct biomechanics. For quads, how should we strengthen them without aggravating the patellofemoral joint pain (PFJ)?

First, the conclusion is:

  1. If you use knee extension machine, keep 90-45 degrees of knee flexion to start!
  2. If you squat to strengthen quad, keep 45-0 degrees of knee flexion to start!

These range of motions are considered as the less compressive force at PFJ! Make sure when you do exercise with PAIN FREE motion‼ Feel pain? STOP‼ You want to find out what the root cause of your PFJ pain. Please contact us! We are happy to help you!