We empower our clients and instill confidence in them through a biomechanical, functional, and holistic approach to reach their highest level of physical function with individualized practical solutions.

We keep pursuing better physical therapy to exceed our client’s expectations with the best patient and athlete care, give back to the San Diego and its community, and contribute to the development of physical therapy internationally.


Have you ever had terrible PT experiences like below:
“My previous PT left me to aides right after 10 minutes of ‘rubbing’ on my back…”
“I was told that they could not treat multiple body parts because of my referral…”
“Today is therapist A, tomorrow is therapist B, and C, D.. so and so… there is no consistent care!”
“My treatment time is only 30 minutes due to the limited coverage I have…”
“I used up all available visits so I can no longer come back for the treatment…”
“I cannot have PT session because my physical complains are not medically necessary based on insurance company’s judgment… But I want to improve how I move…”
Those unethical PT practices only care about insurance companies and not you. Due to the poor quality of care, you ended up consuming more time but still left with the same symptoms.
We are sick of it. We want to be your last stop shop for your physical health. This is why Combat Athletes Physical Therapy was born. For your faster recovery, better performance, and future injury prevention, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Ilseong Song
CAPT Owner/Physical Therapist


Dr. Ilseong Song (Owner)

PT, DPT, MTC, L.Ac (Japan)

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Rōnin Martial Art Academy

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Why do you choose us? How different are we?

We analyze and improve

We analyze your entire movement and improve biomechanics/kinetic chain by creating a permanent change of movement. Most of time, pain is a resultant of dysfunction of other body parts. This is why we do not focus on only one body part to treat. We are different from PTs who only look at referral orders and one body part but not you.

We move and prove

We exercise, enjoy sports, and practice martial arts. We know movements academically but we also perform the movements to understand your issues physically. However, most importantly, we prove the power of physical therapy and exercise by actually practicing it ourselves. We are not PTs who call themselves sports PTs but don’t exercise.

We assess and educate

Unlike many other PT clinics where hire aides who support your exercises but cannot assess your movements, our PT session is always one-on-one treatment with a doctor of physical therapist to constantly assess your specific motions. With our profound knowledge regarding movements, we provide you comprehensive, individualized physical education with the assessment.

We specialize and exceed

Our therapists have unique skill sets that other PTs usually do not possess, such as manual therapy, vestibular, concussion rehabilitation, and acupuncture. With these specialized skills, we exceed what other PTs can do for your specific needs and optimal care at any phase of injury.


Is my physical therapist licensed?2019-05-20T04:57:58-07:00

Yes, all the physical therapists are fully licensed in accordance to their state.

What happens if my problem or pain returns?2019-05-20T04:59:04-07:00

Pain can be persistent. Also, flare-up pain is not uncommon. Please give us a call if you experience a flare-up, sudden exacerbation/aggravation of pain. We advise you simply change your physical/daily/exercise activities, may suggest you to come back to us, or return to your primary doctor.

Who will see me?2019-05-20T05:00:16-07:00

A doctor of physical therapist will see you for evaluation, movement/posture analysis, and slow motion video analysis to find out the root cause of your pain. In addition, you will see the same physical therapist every time when you come back for the continuity of care. One-on-one relationship is one of our top priority.

How should I dress?2019-05-20T05:01:15-07:00

You should wear loose fitting clothing so you can comfortably expose the area that we will be evaluating and treating.

Why should I choose a private practice physical therapist?2019-05-20T04:57:12-07:00
  • At the end of the day, you make the decision which physical therapist is better: a physical therapist who works under the large organization or a physical therapist who owns a private practice. However, research tells us the facts!
  • At the end of the day, you make the decision which physical therapist is better: a physical therapist who works under the large organization or a physical therapist who owns a private practice. However, research tells us the facts!
  • The study indicates that patients require more treatments in physician-owned clinics (39-45% higher visits per patient rate compared to private practice PT). Thus, the cost eventually becomes greater for those patients who choose physician-owned physical therapy practice (30-40% higher in both gross and net revenue per patient). 1
  • Another research demonstrates that patients have less time spent with licensed therapy providers at physician-owned clinics. In addition,  physical therapy assistants are substituted for licensed physical therapists. 2
  • The other study strongly suggested that “therapists who had treated patients through direct access were significantly more likely to believe that direct access had benefited them professionally and benefited their patients than were therapists who had not practiced through direct access.” 3
  • Based on those facts, we strongly believe that we can provide you with the highest quality of care available, restore your physical functions, and maximize the physical potential for faster recovery.
  • You will work with a doctor of physical therapist in a one-on-one manner, and the same physical therapist sees you from the beginning to the end of your experience with us.
  1. Mitchell, J., Scott, E., Physician Ownership of Physical Therapy Services: Effects on Charges, Utilization, Profits, and Service Characteristics, Journal of the American Medical Association, 1992.


  1. “Joint Ventures Among Health Care Providers in Florida,” State of Florida Health Care Cost Containment Board, 1991.


  1. Domholdt E, Durchholz AG. Direct access use by experienced therapists in states with direct access. Phys Ther. 1992 Aug;72(8):569-74.
What happens during my first visit?2019-05-20T04:57:02-07:00
  1. Assessment: we evaluate your physical functions to find out root cause of the pain and analyze how you move.
  2. Education: we break down and describe the cause of your pain, review your treatment/exercise plan, and set up your goals.
  3. Treatment/Exercise: we start physical therapy such as hands-on treatment and functional exercises based on your goals and impairments that you have.
How do I choose a physical therapy clinic?2020-03-16T22:23:20-07:00

There are many considerations to make before deciding on the right physical therapist that fits you. But, if you want to not only recover from injuries but also improve your athletic potentials and prevent future injuries, Combat Athletes PT is a perfect clinic for you.

Is Physical Therapy painful?2019-05-20T04:59:46-07:00
  • For many, pain has been an inhibiting factor decreasing one’s quality of life. Thus, the goal for many patients is pain relief. We have many modalities and treatment primarily focused on pain relief such as cupping, joint mobilization, manual therapy, active release technique, etc. Movement and exercises often provide pain relief as well. Your physical therapist will prescribe you with the appropriate exercises to not only work on pain relief, but also increase range of motion, strength, and activity tolerance.
  • In some cases, such as post-operation patients may find some of the techniques painful. Our goal is to figure out an optimal technique to help maximize your recovery and treatment goals. We don’t believe in the saying “no pain, no gain” Instead, we believe that the body uses pain as a communication tool. Thus, it is imperative to communicate the intensity, frequency, duration, and movements that trigger the pain to your therapist. With this information, the physical therapist will adjust the treatment plan in accordance.
How should I prepare for the first visit?2019-05-20T05:00:47-07:00

Please download the initial patient forms which are located on “Contact Us” page, and fill out the forms before you come visit us.

How many visits will I need?2019-05-20T04:56:19-07:00

In short, each case varies depending on the severity of your impairments, your diagnosis, your past medical history, etc. You may benefit from one session or you may need months of care. We will provide you with a thorough initial evaluation, progress report using standardized tests, followed by our recommendations.

Do I really have to do home exercises?2019-05-20T04:56:40-07:00

As your physicians prescribe your medication, we ‘prescribe’ exercise as your medicine. Yes, you really have to do home exercises! We will formulate a home exercise program catered to your needs and progression.

Can I use my medical insurance?2020-03-16T23:07:59-07:00

Combat Athletes PT is an out-of-network practice, which means we only accept private pay. However, there are several ways that may qualify you for PT sessions with your medical insurance.  Please contact us for further details.


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